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paul huber

Paul, a creative director, art director, and graphic designer, was most recently a partner and Chief Creative Officer at Firewood, a San Francisco agency focusing on branding and direct marketing. Prior to co-birthing Firewood, Paul was president, creative director, and managing partner of Draft Worldwide, San Francisco (formerly Miller/Huber Relationship Marketing). Paul was also a member of the original Saturn launch team at Hal Riney & Partners and design director at the legendary—and now sadly defunct—Altman & Manley.

Paul has worked in St. Louis, Houston, Boston and San Francisco, and has over 30 years of experience in advertising, graphic design, relationship marketing, and loyalty program development. He has received numerous awards over the course of his career, all of which can be found in cardboard boxes in his garage stored amongst spare BMW 2002 parts.

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john parsons

John has that rare combination of left- and right-brain skills that allows him to function both as an unfettered creative and as a buttoned-down business professional. John is a writer, a marketing operations guru, a strategist, and a program manager. And as an expert in communications infrastructure and technology, he also understands what’s required on the back end for effective and measurable integrated marketing campaigns. Prior to co-founding Firewood and serving as the agency’s Chief Operating Officer, John was director of operations at Draft Worldwide, San Francisco where he ran the agency’s digital practice.

John is also a professional voice actor and musician, represented by Look Talent in San Francisco. He will occasionally write copy that only he can read out loud.

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