Various Clients – Logo Design

When it comes to logo design and brand creation, BTO’s approach is a bit different than most branding agencies. First of all, we don’t have a “house style,” which translates to our approaching each branding challenge as a unique opportunity unto itself, which typically leads to rather unique outcomes for our clients. And our clients run the gamut from the manufacturer of a Qualcomm-funded 3G-enabled entertainment and education system for the BRIC nations, to a small Bay Area garden design company specializing in the creation of urban landscapes and container gardens.

Regardless of a company’s size or offering, BTO brings brands to life by visualizing the rational, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each brand entity. We are also steeped in the fine art of brand message development, having articulated the value propositions of everything from the ultimate online car buying and selling experience to an independent high school education for the 21st century.