Line 6

Line 6 is an LA-based manufacturer of digital modeling equipment for musicians: guitars, amplifiers, and effects processors. In an industry whose visual marketing is strewn with clichés ranging from ALGs* (term coined by former Line 6 VP of Marketing and phenomenal player, Jack Sonni) to walls of Marshall stacks, dumbed-down ads are the category norm. Our recommendation at a brand strategy level was for Line6 to position itself as the intelligent guitarist’s source for intelligently-made gear. Our challenge on the advertising and marketing front was to somehow visualize an auditory experience and speak to the “inner cool” of our audience.

The “Guitar as Object” concept utilized a series of near-museum-quality photo compositions grafting guitar necks onto unexpected object bodies. Each photograph illustrated a tonal option offered by the Pod, Line 6’s groundbreaking effects processor. The Pod emulates a near infinite combination of pedal effects, amplifiers, and speaker cabinets, and we wanted to visually express that freedom in a visually arresting way.

* Anonymous Leaping Guitarist