Bayer Healthcare

Firewood was approached by the Diabetes Division of Bayer Heathcare to conceive, plan, design, and build their Bayer EasyCare loyalty program. Research showed that competitors offered free information, but in similar pre-packaged chunks—not as a customizable experience. Given diabetics are as unique as any other group of people, we thought a customizable experience might help Bayer break through the clutter. On the web site, disease management tools can be configured to suit various user needs.

Paul’s own personal diabetic insights (and an A1C of 6.0) gleaned that diabetes management is about incremental steps to change, not ‘cold turkey’ events. The web site and all ancillary materials were under-pinned with that simple yet critical strategy. Bayer has since moved from the number four position into number three. The site is now being migrated to Bayer’s ‘Simple Wins’ site (